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Great Landmarks In Danbury, CT 06810

There are a variety of reasons to visit Danbury Connecticut, and these activities are sure to please any visitor. This quaint coastal city is convenient to New York City and Boston, and features a variety of outdoor activities. For instance, residents of the city can hike or bike along the Ives Trail & Greenway, named for a local modernist American composer. You can also explore the area’s imposing glacial erratics, which are boulders from the last ice age.

The Marian Anderson Studio was built in the early 20th century in the town’s main street in honor of world-renowned American operatic contralto Marian Anderson. The singer performed classical and spiritual music with world-famous orchestras in the United States and abroad. While in Danbury, you can attend a performance in her honor or just to enjoy the delicious food and live music. The best time to visit this location is during spring and summer, when there are many concerts and other events taking place in the area.

The Danbury Railway Museum is another interesting attraction to visit while in the town. It is located in the historic Union Station of the Metro-North Railroad, which was in operation from 1903 until 1993. Dedicated to preserving the railroad history of the town, the museum is a must-see for train enthusiasts. On six acres of land, the museum is home to several model railroad layouts and is great for train enthusiasts. It is also open on weekends, but it is closed on major holidays.

The climate of Danbury is similar to that of New York City and Hartford. Summers are hot and humid, while the winters are cold with significant snowfall. In November 2016, the unemployment rate for the Danbury Labor Market Area was 3.0%, compared to the State average of 3.6% and 4.6% nationally. Despite its low unemployment rate, the city is home to several notable attractions, including Tarrywile Mansion and Park. The park is home to a beautiful Victorian mansion and twenty-one miles of trails. There are several ponds within the park.

In addition to the Old Post Office, the town also boasts the Old Saddle Factory, which was built in 1836 and later used as housing. A landmark building, the Old Danbury Library, is also worth a visit. Located at 254 Main Street, the building was donated to the city by fur-processing executive Alexander Moss White. It features a brick facade with polychromatic sandstone trim and a slate-shingled gable roof. A smaller, 1790 frame building, known as the Chiarella Block, is another notable attraction. It is home to the Danbury Historical Society, which is the only property on the National Register in the city.

While much of the town’s heritage is about preserving its history, the hat industry is now a dying art. While the hat industry is largely gone, Danbury’s hats still carry a strong memory of the past. A hatmaker’s hat shop on Main Street features a film about hat-making, a collection of hat samples, and tools and materials related to the industry. 

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